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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004 00:22:14 -0500 (EST), Jaldhar H Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org> said: 

> Yes I do.  Or rather I think it could be.  As anecdotal evidence
> mine is as good as yours.  Let me ask you then, how would you go
> about setting up an experiment to test the hypothesis that Debian is
> scary to women?

	OK. Last I heard, irc.debian.org #debian is a project
 resource. Here is an example of how women are treated in Debian; and
 helix tells me that this is how they are treated all the time
 (dismayingly enough, I got responses that ranged the spectrum from
 "boyz ill be boyz", "But .. he apologized and all", "You should not
 make trouble for some one who actually apologized", "well, it was
 just a joke, and then helix over reacted. There are problems on both
 sides" [blaming the victim, heh heh]).

	I should say, though, that the ops did  handle the situation,
 and promised to take action if they notice such behaviour in the
 future. The policy is taht anyone delibrately offensive to anyone
 else , or persistent about non-delibrate offensiveness, will be
 removed from the channel.

	However, #debian on irc.debian.org has become a very
 unfriendly place, and not just for women.



23:15  * TMM_ wonders if there really are girls here.
23:15 <Penix> TMM_: helix claims to be one
23:15 <TMM_> seems a tad unlikely for some reason... :)
23:15 <helix> TMM_: they're probably just pretending
23:15 <Penix> TMM_: probably is. never know though
23:16 <dondelelcaro> helix: pretending to be boys?
23:16 <Piggy> TMM_: A/S/L!!!!!!!!
23:16 <helix> Penix: hey, i've had my key signed. i've proven it
23:16 <Penix> helix: hehe
23:16 <TMM_> helix, well, if that IS you in the pictures on your computer maybe, but I suspect
             it's your girlfriend or something :)
23:16 <TMM_> Piggy, w000t :) debian-dating ;)
23:16 -!- tam [~tam@linuxrulesthe.net] has joined #debian
23:16 <helix> TMM_: well, i'd prefer idiots like you to think i'm a guy anyway. it works out
              in the end..
23:16 <Penix> if helix was a guy with a girlfiend using her pic, why would he bother doing it.
              he's got a girlfiend
23:17 <TMM_> helix, now I'm an idiot, why?
23:17  * TMM_ was just kidding
23:17 <zeeble> TMM_ well, now that you know that helix's statement did'nt make sense, you can
               be sure it was a girl :)
23:18 <mwilson> helix: ATTACK!
23:18 <helix> mwilson: it's not worth it
23:18 <helix> but goddamn it's annoying
23:18 <helix> fucking idiots wonder why there aren't more women
23:18  * tam9 thinks helix reckons she gets the 'girl' treatment and throws a wobbler if
          anyone criticises it
23:19 <TMM_> helix, it was just a joke, sorry
23:19 <tam9> point proven
23:19 <helix> TMM_: let me tell you something about you and your pathetic jokes - you aren't
              fucking original
23:19 <helix> TMM_: i get this shit almost daily
23:19 <tam9> TMM_: yo, nothing to do wiht you, she's probaby on her bad week
23:19 <Penix> should I treat her like all the moron males in the channel then?
23:19 <peterS> tam9: you're not helping
23:19 <TMM_> helix, I shall take me and my shovinistic pic assumpions and leave you alone?
             thank you!
23:19  * tam9 doesn't care if helix is a girl
23:20 <tam9> Penix: suppose so, woman won't the same right as men
23:20 <tam9> but then you get those stupid woman activists also saying that there shouldn't be
             any woman boxers, hah!

20:38 <tam> helix: you are female?
20:38 <helix> tam: OMFG I AM!!
20:39 <tam> helix: god damn. do you use debian lesbien?
20:39  * helix sighs..
20:39 <tam> helix: please don't sigh >:->
              A REVELATION1!1!!! WTF LOL
20:45 <tam> helix: the point was. i was being ironic of you being female and wondering if you
            had ever used debian lesbian. so have yah?
20:46 <helix> tam: that's only a male fantasy

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