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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004 00:22:14 -0500 (EST), Jaldhar H Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org> said: 

>> My wife also has been involved in Women in Science groups on three
>> separate campuses across the country, and stories and experiences
>> like this abound.

> ok.  Are there any Men in Science groups we can compare experiences
> with?

	No. Guess why, if you can actually get your mind around to
 actually thinking? Why do you think only one such gender based group
 is actually needed out there?

> Yes I do.  Or rather I think it could be.  As anecdotal evidence
> mine is as good as yours.  Let me ask you then, how would you go
> about setting up an experiment to test the hypothesis that Debian is
> scary to women?

	You have bloody well proven it. One woman comes in, says she
 is nervous about participating in a overly aggressive, male dominated
 forum, andx you proceed to call her a flake and mentally unstable,
 nicely proving her very point. 

	Jeeze. I thought we were a trifle more grown up than that, but
 obviously, girls still have cooties.

>> Men and women have different reactions to stimuli, and
>> fight-or-flight situations. They have entirely different group
>> dynamics from what men do.

> Furthermore they are from Venus while men are from Mars.  Please.

	If you can get your mind off your gonads, there is a reason
 why that book sold -- becaus4e it resonates with peoples
 experiences. There are well documented studies describing gender
 based differences in group interaction -- of course, you'd just
 ignore them. Me man. ugg. me no need science . oog. oog.

> _People_ have different reactions to stimuli, fight-or-flight
> situations and group dynamics.

	Yes, my dear. And there are gender based differences that go
 beyond individual variations.  Can you fathom that? there are
 different levels in variations? some individual, some cultural, and
 some (gasp) gender based?

>> In my experience, women have very different interpersoanl
>> communication strategies as compared to men.  You think that going
>> into a male dominated culture, which functions entirely differently
>> from how women interact, may have something to do with the
>> hestitation, hmmm?

> No kidding.  But do you think a man with a "different interpersonal
> communication strategies" would have any easier time of it?  Look at
> our demographics.  We hardly have a representative cross-section of
> the male gender either.

	In Debian, which is the context? GHJell yes. In a womens only
 group? try it some times. You'll probably run sweating from a bunch
 of women who are ven midly mided to laugh at you. Not very much
 hostility would be needed? women are often far better at humiliating
 men than the other way around. In my experience, though, they are are
 far too cicilized to actually do so. Which is more than I can say
 about us.

>> Heard of Grace Hopper? Know whom the language Ada is named for? You
>> think that in any way changes the differences in the way men and
>> women behave and interact?

> No of course a sample of one couldn't change that.  But why are you
> assuming a sample of one (or two including your wife but then I'm
> including mine) implies anything?

	Because I have a sample size far greater than that, being
 married to a behavorial biologist. But don't take my word for it. Go
 out and ask someone who actually has studied the phenomena.

> Careful Manoj you're scaring away the women.

	What's the point? Your idotic comment already did that, and
 now I think they should indeed stay away from this group until the
 members grow the hell up.

> Nope no big bags of dripping testerone here.

	Hell, probably the only thing that can get through your
 neanderthalic skull.

thoughroghly disgusted

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