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Re: Re-distributing Debian

On Fri, Feb 27, 2004 at 04:15:20PM -0000, Robin Imrie wrote:

> Dear Sir/Madam,
> We are about to start developing some software which will run on Linux. The
> product which we sell to our customers will include the hardware, os (Linux)
> and our software all pre-installed and ready to go. Any support would be
> handled by us. If we were to install the parts of Debian Linux that we
> required for our product what would the licensing issues be if any. i.e.
> would we have to by a copy of Debian Linux for each unit we ship?

Debian GNU/Linux is free - it's impossible to buy a copy (you can only 
buy CDs at various distributors if you don't want to download Deian 
GNU/Linux from the Internet).

You can use, copy and redistribute Debian GNU/Linux as often as you 

The only restiction is that several programs inside Debian GNU/Linux
(including the Linux kernel) require that if you ship binaries for these
programs, you have to give the people you give/sell the binaries the
complete source code of the program including the right to modify 
and/or redistribute this software. Note that this only affects these 
programs, it doesn't affect your own applications.

The only exception of the above are some programs in the non-free part 
of the Debian ftp archive that e.g. don't allow redistribution.

> Regards
> Robin Imrie



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