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need your help !

We are working on the project for Testing Linux and Find the best Linux 
for Clients, Servers, Personal uses in our Highschool, also every 
distribution what powers have! we want to work on Debian Linux, too but we 
couldn't find CDs and can't download it so need your support. is it possible 
to send Debian Linux CDs for us ? I heard Deabian have every packet that I think 
and more than other disribution, it's very important and if it's right , It could 
be best. I hope you support us. 
We do this project for Developing Linux in our country, and for make a compelete 
reference to select Linux in the Computer Highway Magazine and 2 company 
that want migrate from Windows to Linux. 
I'm waiting for your answer. 
Sincerely yours, 
Moeen Alinaghian 
Linux research group 
Hannan Highschool 
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