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Re: need your help !

On Fri, Feb 27, 2004 at 04:01:00AM -0500, Moeen Alinaghian wrote:
> Hello, 
> We are working on the project for Testing Linux and Find the best Linux 
> for Clients, Servers, Personal uses in our Highschool, also every 
> distribution what powers have! we want to work on Debian Linux, too but we 
> couldn't find CDs and can't download it so need your support. is it possible 
> to send Debian Linux CDs for us ? I heard Deabian have every packet that I think 
> and more than other disribution, it's very important and if it's right , It could 
> be best. I hope you support us. 

You may also want to be aware of the Debian-Edu project, which has the goal
of making Debian more suitable for use in schools. Here is some information 
on it that you may find interesting: 


 - David Nusinow

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