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intention to use logo...

My company will soon be distributing t-shirts, hats, and other apparel,
as well as imprinted office products displaying the Linux name. As you
know, there are millions of Linux users around the world who stand
behind their favorite Linux-based distribution, and I wish to provide
these users with the ability to further endorse their favorite
distribution by offering them t-shirts, etc., with their favorite
distribution's logo embroidered or printed.

My question for you- are there restrictions in place (Trademarks or
otherwise) that discourage the use of the Debian logo? I want to be
certain that I do not use your company's logo without authorization.
Please note that my company will never use the Debian name or logo in a
distasteful fashion, and my primary wish is to use the logo so that your
valued customers have another means to express their satisfaction with
your distribution.

Also, I intend to help promote your products by including a Hyperlink
from my website to "www.debian.org" so that my clients are prompted to
visit your website, as well.

Any information you provide me with will be deeply appreciated. Thank
you for your time and response to my inquiry.


Derek J. McWilliams

President, EOS-TECH


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