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Re: Debian and the Open Source Observatory

* Paul E Condon <pecondon@peakpeak.com> [2004-01-08 10:01]:
> The list of links is almost all from .com TLD. The developers of this web
> site should be introduced to the .org TLD, e.g. www.gnu.org. 

You mean the list at the end of

I think they are mostly .com addresses because its a listing of
journals and news sites.  I don't think gnu.org is appropriate here,
although things like lwn.net would be good.  (There should of course
also be a listing of projects, such as gnu.org, as I mentioned in my
last mail).

> I haven't looked carefully enough to determine when this web site
> was started, but it appears to be relatively new. It should be

Yes, it's a new site (November, iirc); which is one reason I want to
get in contact, introduce myself and Debian, and offer our support.

Martin Michlmayr

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