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Debian and the Open Source Observatory

The EC has launched a new service known as the "Open Source

I just looked through all these pages to see whether Debian is
mentioned and to find out if we should submit more information.

There is a section "Open Source practice" with "Case studies zooming
in on certain Open Source adoptions in Member States."
There is already a case study about LinEx, but unfortunately it does
not mention Debian at all.  Since the author of this page is not
listed, I contacted Jesus M Gonzalez-Barahona to see if he can get in
touch with LinEx.

I think that it would be great to have a case study about the
adoption of Skolelinux.  Unfortunately, the page says "Member States"
so I'm not sure they'll accept a case study about Skolelinux in
Norway.  However, as Skolelinux is deployed in other countries a well,
perhaps someone else can volunteer to write something? (and then
mention all countries using Skolelinux)

I will suggest to the Open Source Observatory to create a listing of
FLOSS projects in the "Resources" section (listing KDE, GNOME, Debian,
etc).  They currently have a page about "OSS Centres and
Organisations: by country"
but none about specific projects.  On the organization page, I think
Skolelinux and NUUG should be listed (as other organizations in
non-member countries are listed).  Debian-ES can also be listed there
later (HispaLinux is there already).

Finally, there's a page "Reference documents in some EU Member States"
which people might find interesting:
Perhaps this page shows you contacts in your country with whom you can
talk about Debian.

In summary, I will contact them and suggest:
  - the creation of a listing of FLOSS projects
  - the addition of Skolelinux and NUUG to the "OSS Organisations"

Anything else I've forgotten?
Martin Michlmayr

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