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Strawpoll on proper usage of @debian.org email address

Hi everybody,

There seems to be some confusion about what one should do or not do with
his @debian.org email address. Therefore, I'd like to get some input on
what people think should be right thing to do, the results could then be
used to improve/update the DMUP. I talked about this with our DPL and he
supported this poll (and proposed some corrections). 

Could everbody interested please fill out that small query below and
send the answers to me? I will then present an anonymous summary on
this list, in order to cut down on traffic.

("Using @d.o" in this context means: writing mail with @debian.org as
From-header and (possibly, but not necessarily) expecting people to
answer to that address and/or expecting people to mail them at that
address when they want to contact you for that kind of business. 'FLOSS'
stands for Free/Libre/OpenSource-Software)

1. Using @d.o for dealing with FLOSS with a tight debian-relationship
(e.g. being upstream or the (co-)maintainer of it)

      Alright       Not Alright
        [ ]             [ ]

2. Using @d.o for dealing with FLOSS with a loose debian-relationship
(e.g. reporting a bug/patch in the upstream bug tracker of an unrelated
package, posting on mailing lists of projects without being the Debian
maintainer etc.) 

      Alright	    Not Alright
	[ ]		[ ]

3. Using @d.o generally on technical, computer-related mailing lists
(Debian/FLOSS not being the main scope)

      Alright       Not Alright
        [ ]             [ ]

4. Using @d.o as a general-purpose email-address (e.g. using his @d.o
address for all private mail traffic, too)

      Alright       Not Alright
        [ ]             [ ]

5. Putting the @d.o address up on one's personal homepage when
mentioning that one is a DD

      Alright       Not Alright
        [ ]             [ ]

6. Using @d.o for things not connected to Debian and/or FLOSS (e.g. to
register domains/having @d.o in the WHOIS-record of a domain which has
no relationship to the Debian project or FLOSS, or as a contact for
things not directly connected to Debian and/or FLOSS)

      Alright       Not Alright
        [ ]             [ ]

7. Giving away business cards with (your GPG-fingerprint and) your
@d.o address to people you are not connected to via Debian and/or

      Alright       Not Alright
        [ ]             [ ]


Again, please send the answers to me directly. I will then present the
(anonymous) results to this list.

Thanks a lot for your participation. 


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