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Re: Debian and the Open Source Observatory

  The EC has launched a new service known as the "Open Source
  http://europa.eu.int/ISPO/ida/jsps/index.jsp?fuseAction=showChapter&chapterID=452&preChapterID=0 <http://europa.eu.int/ISPO/ida/jsps/index.jsp?fuseAction=showChapter&chapterID=452&preChapterID=0>

  I just looked through all these pages to see whether Debian is
  mentioned and to find out if we should submit more information.

  There is a section "Open Source practice" with "Case studies zooming
  in on certain Open Source adoptions in Member States."
  http://europa.eu.int/ISPO/ida/jsps/index.jsp?fuseAction=showChapter&chapterID=470&preChapterID=0-452 <http://europa.eu.int/ISPO/ida/jsps/index.jsp?fuseAction=showChapter&chapterID=470&preChapterID=0-452>
  There is already a case study about LinEx, but unfortunately it does
  not mention Debian at all.  Since the author of this page is not
  listed, I contacted Jesus M Gonzalez-Barahona to see if he can get in
  touch with LinEx.

I noticed this case study explicitly mentions that they dumped Windows for Debian with XFS filesystem and even has a link back to debian.org.


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