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Re: Debian still secure or not

On 2003-11-23 23:33:37 +0000 Markus Heilgemeier <markusmails@web.de> wrote:

Im think a lot of people will have this question:
Can I use debian linux without take a risk of unsecure systems after this hack attack on the debian.org pages?

Can you use any system without *some* risk of insecurity? No, only if you keep the machine switched off and unplugged. I don't think one successful attack on a debian machine makes it any less secure. I don't think we have the details about this attack yet.

I would expect any important information for sysadmins to be announced quickly, in line with the Debian Social Contract. I don't see any reason to criticise Debian because it is very open and public about problems. Ask yourself whether you would even know about it if $BIGCORP's GNU/Linux distribution servers got hacked.

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