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Re: general intrest

On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 02:21:04PM -0500, Yokomoto8@aol.com wrote:
> I am interested in replacing a very frustrating Windows ME system.
> All the info I find states that Linux can do any thing and even more than MS.
> My most major concern is, will it work with current files I already have 
> accumulated?
> Such as music,pictures,photos, word documents i have created, other programs 
> i have purchased, such as Click Art,Create a Card,etc...

music, pictures are absolutely no problem (except when in .wma or
similar format, but mplayer still can play them and these formats are
bad anyway; like many MS formats).
Word documents are rubbish like any other WYSIWYG word-processor,
but OpenOffice.org can read them (can't believe you didn't use
OpenOffice.org already, it also exits for win32 and looks a lot better
then MS-Office)
Note however that MPlayer and OpenOffice.org are not yet available in
Debian stable (woody).  OpenOffice.org will be in the next release I
guess but I'm not so sure about MPlayer, it might be necessary to
compile some things from source -- not difficult of course :).

Other purchased programs might be some problem however.  Check your
vendor if they provide GNU/Linux programs, distribute source or
similar.  If they are really unfriendly there still exists Wine, a
windows emulator.  However the emulator is under development (will
always be if you ask my opinion) and is not always able to run a win32
program.  You might be on your own there.
I don't know any of the programs you listed so can't tell anything

> None of these purchased products have any load options for any thing other 
> than Windows
> or Mac,how will these items load into Linux?

Don't really understand what you're asking here...

> Another concern, is it compatible with America On Line? or other IP's?

afaik it is straightforward, but I never saw AOL in my life and some
people might have an different opinion about how straightforward AOL

> I am very interested in Linux, but need assurance that my computer won't have 
> an identity crisis with out Windows.

It will find it's true identity finally I would think :)

Anyway, don't expect to much problems, but also don't be scared from
the first message (good or bad) you will see.  Sometimes (for
uncommon things, HW/SW) it might require some looking around.
And again, due to the closed-source/proprietary nature of the MS-world
some files might not be entirely readable.  You could live some time
in a dual-boot situation to say goodbye to some file, or till you
converted them.

Happy hacking!


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