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Bug#210879: Reopen: revise odd language in 'constitution.txt' -- "K Developers" ... "not integers"

On 2003-10-22 18:28:21 +0100 "Alfie Costa (backup address)" <agcosta@gmx.net> wrote:
	"Please do not reopen this bug unless you have anything new to add."
So there's 127 lines of new stuff in there.

New data does not necessarily translate to new information. The rebuttal of your arguments had already been explained to you in some detail. If you wish to develop the point further, please do so elsewhere before reopening the bug with a summary.

The BTS is not a good place to speculate about developer actions. I note that you continue attacking your guesses at Manoj's opinions in spite of the request to stop. I think discussion is over.

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