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[bart@jukie.net: Usenet usage in DMUP]

I originally posted this on <debian-www@l.d.o> but was asked to resubmit

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From: Bart Trojanowski <bart@jukie.net>
Subject: Usenet usage in DMUP
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While studying up for a new maintainer's test I came across DMUP...


In Section 4 there is a section stating:

Debian does not have any Usenet news servers. It may be that some of the
Debian machines have access to such a news server, but their use through
Debian machines is strictly forbidden.

This conveys that Usenet is off limits from Debian hosts.

Later in 'Examples of what we consider net abuse' it states:

Binary Postings to non-Binary Groups
Excessive Cross-Posting
Excessive Multi-Posting

But if Usenet posts are not allowed then why is this even stated?

Maybe the wording of the later section should state that such posts
should not be attributed with a @debian.org address.


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