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Announcing Debian JP event: Shinjuku B. O. F. for 10th Anniversary of Debian


We will be celebrating Debian 10th anniversary in Tokyo area.

Debian JP Project Presents:
 "Debian 10th Anniversary and Vine 5th Anniversary -- Shinjuku B. O. F."; 
 revenge of Linux Summit 1999. Talk, discuss, shout, propose, 
 exclaim, hack, make revolution, or whatever on Debian, Vine and Linux
 and enjoy the night!

What: Shinjuku B. O. F.
Where: Shinjuku LOFT PLUSONE [http://10th.debian.or.jp/place.html]
When: 16 Aug 2003, 0:00-5:00 (This is really early morning!)
More info: http://10th.debian.or.jp/event.html.en


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