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To Whom It May Concern:




RE: false advertisement


The following information was submitted to “Tripadvisor” on 7/11/2003


INFORMATION: Alexander's RV rentals promises customer service and satisfaction, maintained motor homes and thorough orientation of the motor home; expired vehicle tags and worn out tires is really what you get, topped with the smell of old fish and useless windshield wipers. Also, note that the 21.95 per person housekeeping package/kitchen supplies do not include complete sets of eating utensils, plates or cookware.


BEWARE: The renter must spend time cleaning entire motor home and stocking kitchen items, be expected to figure out how to change a flat tire without the necessary tools, only to find out the spare tire was also flat, negotiate with auto mechanics and experience DELAYS with ALL of your other travel plans.


WARNING: Do not expect any kind of credit or understanding from the owner or employees of this company.



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