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Re: Why "free" shouldn't have to mean "complicated"

On 05 May 2003 01:24:18 +0200, Benoit Peccatte <benoit.peccatte@enst-bretagne.fr> said: 

> After such an answer I thing Felix will never come back and try free
> software.

	Good. It seems to me that free software, as embodied by
 Debian, was not a good fit for felix. He would be far better off with
 a Mac.

	Remember, one size does _not_ fit all, and free software is
 not for everyone. 

> Is debian (and other projects) becoming like the
> octopus-like administration ? "Got a problem, fill the yellow
> report", "To fill this report you need to fill the 1456B first" ...

	Rubbish. We are not asking for bureaucrac, we are merely
 trying to paint a realistic expectation of where Debian is, and where
 it is heading.

> I think this is the last reason why the desktop-winwows-try-crash-
> reboot-retry people won't want to install linux.

	And that is probably a wise decison on their part.


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