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Re: Why "free" shouldn't have to mean "complicated"

Le lun 05/05/2003 à 00:55, Matt Zimmerman a écrit :
> On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 12:54:07AM +0200, Felix Steiner wrote:
> > 3. Debian: Took the whole lot of installation-steps but didn't arrive at an
> > end. However -- it crashed at the end.
> The thing to do when you have a problem is to file a bug report.
> debian-project is not the place for bug reports, especially for software
> other than Debian.
> http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting
> contains instructions for reporting bugs.  The package name to use in this
> case is "boot-floppies".

After such an answer I thing Felix will never come back and try free
software. Not that your answer was not correct, it was. But he complains
about things not working automatically and the only answer we can give
him is "take your brain and your fingers and fill a bug report".
Is debian (and other projects) becoming like the octopus-like
administration ? "Got a problem, fill the yellow report", "To fill this
report you need to fill the 1456B first" ...

I think this is the last reason why the desktop-winwows-try-crash-
reboot-retry people won't want to install linux. However I don't know
how to address this.

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