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Re: Why "free" shouldn't have to mean "complicated"

On Mon, May 05, 2003 at 01:24:18AM +0200, Benoit Peccatte wrote:

> After such an answer I thing Felix will never come back and try free
> software. Not that your answer was not correct, it was. But he complains
> about things not working automatically and the only answer we can give him
> is "take your brain and your fingers and fill a bug report".  Is debian
> (and other projects) becoming like the octopus-like administration ? "Got
> a problem, fill the yellow report", "To fill this report you need to fill
> the 1456B first" ...

Don't be ridiculous.  There is a big difference between useless bureaucracy
and useful bug reports.  "It didn't work" doesn't help anyone to make things
better, while a good bug report can go a long way.

 - mdz

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