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Re: unable to create boot disk

On Sat, May 03, 2003 at 10:53:33PM -0400, Jen Sadler wrote:
> Hi,
>      I Just tried to install Debian 3.0 on my ThinkPad
> A31 laptop.  It is my first time trying to install
> Linux on my own, so maybe I'm just doing something
> wrong, but I get to the point where I have to make the
> boot disk, and it tells me my disk must be blank or
> write protected. 
The bootfloppy is an optional way to boot your computer

>                   It has not even checked the floppy
> drive though.  I know this because the light doesn't
> come on and it doesn't make any noise.  The floppy
> drive on my laptop is an external USB one, so I don't
> think it is even detecting it.  Does this mean that I
> can't have Debian at all on my laptop?  Is there any
> other way to make the boot disk?  I can not set it up
> as bootable because I have Windows 2000 on this
> computer still too.  What can I do, if anything? 

Read more about bootloaders.

> Thanks for your time,
Sorry for being terse, I'm not a Wintel guy

Geert Stappers

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