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     I Just tried to install Debian 3.0 on my ThinkPad
A31 laptop.  It is my first time trying to install
Linux on my own, so maybe I'm just doing something
wrong, but I get to the point where I have to make the
boot disk, and it tells me my disk must be blank or
write protected.  It has not even checked the floppy
drive though.  I know this because the light doesn't
come on and it doesn't make any noise.  The floppy
drive on my laptop is an external USB one, so I don't
think it is even detecting it.  Does this mean that I
can't have Debian at all on my laptop?  Is there any
other way to make the boot disk?  I can not set it up
as bootable because I have Windows 2000 on this
computer still too.  What can I do, if anything? 
Thanks for your time,

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Jennifer Lynne Sadler 01005019

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