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Re: Why are these packages in Debian?

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 10:05:34PM +0200, Nikos wrote:
> I would like to understand why you are so aggressive with me ("crusade"
> is aggressive). 

I think I can explain this.  You see, this issue has been discussed
before (with these exact packages as examples, in fact), and people
_have_ gotten aggressive about it.  You're getting the fallout from
earlier flamewars.  In fact, I think the original proposal for the
data section was the result of one such flamewar.

> > Hmm, you seem to be using some strange new definition of xenophobia.
> > Xenophobia is simply the fear of strangers, or fear of the strange. 
> Excuse me. An error in my dictionnary. I wanted to say "racism" instead. 

Oh, good.  I was afraid that one of my favourite words had been
hijacked by some political movement :)

Richard Braakman

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