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Re: Why are these packages in Debian?

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 10:05:34PM +0200, Nikos wrote:
> > By the way, why does it hurt to have non-technical documents in an 
> > operating system? If non-technical documents are banned, the same should
> > be done for other non-technical stuff, like games. I'm sure you wouldn't 
> > like that.
> Ok, I will try to be clearer. I think games are useful because they are
> software. Wallpapers, sound datas and documentations too, because they help 
> using software. But the Bible or the anarchism's presentation book don't.
> By the way, Richard Stallman thought too games are helpful to an operating 
> system. I quote: "Even games are included in the task list--and have been
> since the beginning. Unix included games, so naturally GNU should too. But 
> compatibility was not an issue for games, so we did not follow the list of
> games that Unix had. Instead, we listed a spectrum of different kinds of 
> games that users might like." (from The GNU Project, on www.gnu.org).

Does an operating system have to be all about software (or computers)?
If computers were solely used for computer-oriented things, they would
be quite un-productive - but computers used in many areas, for instance,
by writers - who would have good use for a reference like
whoever-that-king-was' bible and the Anarchists FAQ - are useful. Why
shouldn't we allow people to download reference material from our
archive, if it is both useful and free?

It's not as if Debian, by providing these packages, states "Debian is a
Christian and anarchist operating system, endorsing drugs" (including
dopewars her) (and please don't quote this on it's own). We merely
provide them to whoever wants them.

> You see, we can agree with each other!

Maybe. Even if we can't, we don't necessarily need to ;)

Rune B. Broberg
Feel free to GPG-encrypt email sent to me.          Keyid: 0x87CD3DBD

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