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Re: Why are these packages in Debian?

>  >    Would you prefer the Torah, the Koran, or perhaps the
>  > Apocrypha?  I'm sure we could get volunteers to package those as
>  > well.
Yes! I love packages like that. An operating system is an all purpose tool
and one of those purposes is research so I appreciate packages with reference
material, including religious texts. I have a lot of fun running the bible
through chatterbots. Id dearly love to have the Torah, Koran, and the
Apocrypha. Also please include the k&r, Robert rules, heck a whole
encyclopedia would be brilliant, but I know that would be asking for a lot. How
about the illuminatti? Id even install packages that include fiction if the
style strikes my fancy. Things with pictures would be really great too. Id
especially like to see 'the big book of buds' by ed Rosenthal because it has
very nice pictures of things that are not legally obtained in my country. So
for reasons of increasing debians functionality and promoting cross cultural
diversity, Id like to see more literature included with debian, including
religion and "phylisophical" texts.

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