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Re: Why are these packages in Debian?

Thus spoke Nikos <nikos@altern.org> on 2003-04-07 21:21:15:
> > Because someone packaged them, and someone uses (installed)
> > them. Whether it is easy to find on the web, is irrelevant, as there
> > are still people who are not connected 24/7, and prefer to install a
> > package, and read it offline.
> But they are very easy to retrieve and save with every web browser.

And then forgotten in a random directory. A package on the other hand,
is easily identified, removed and so on.

Not to mention, that if it is packaged, I can install from CD or other
media, without ever launching a browser (yes, I did install boxen which
never had, and never will have internet access, and I even installed the
packages in question on them). It's way more convenient than browsing
around, or copying from another machine, or other workarounds.

> > And having them in Debian means that I can just do an apt-get install,
> > instead of hunting through thousands of results on google.
> I typed "king james bible" in Google and hit "I'm feeling lucky". I was 
> browsing the text 1 second later...

Google for anarchism. And, by the way, I searched for king james bible
too, but neither of the first ~10 hits offered a downloadable version,
only online browsing, which I'm not interested in. Nor in wgetting.
Apt-get is easier.

By the way, why does it hurt to have non-technical documents in an
operating system? If non-technical documents are banned, the same should
be done for other non-technical stuff, like games. I'm sure you wouldn't
like that.

So, please be so kind, and accept that your opinion is not generally
accepted, and move on to something constructive.

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