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Re: Why are these packages in Debian?

On Monday 07 April 2003 12:21 pm, Nikos wrote:
> >> Are the ideas in these packages xenophobic?
> >
> > Heh, if we were going to reject packages with xenophobic ideas, we'd
> > lose most of the games.  xgalaga, anyone?
> I don't agree. Xenophobia is a too unfortunate and serious subject to laugh
> with it: we can't say that galaga is xenophobic, because it doesn't harm
> anyone (supposing that E.T. exist, they should laugh at our vision of
> them!). It's just a game! Dangerous game are hooligans simulation for
> example. And I'm happy that such games don't exist in Debian. So I can
> repeat that there are fortunately, and thanks to the large and democratic
> decisional structure of Debian, no xenophobic packages in it.

Hooligan's simulation?

ice@wasteland:~$ apt-cache show dopewars
Package: dopewars
Priority: extra
Section: games
Description: Make a fortune dealing drugs on the streets of New York
 dopewars is a UNIX rewrite of the MS-DOS program of the same name,
 which in turn was inspired by John E. Dell's "Drug Wars" game. You
 have one month to buy and sell drugs on the streets of New York, the
 aim being first to pay off your debt to the loan shark and then to
 make a fortune. And if you have to shoot a few cops in the process,
 well... The game includes TCP networking allowing you to meet (and
 shoot) other human drug dealers.


I think you are alone in your attempted censorship of the project.  There are 
a significant number of packages that are "not related to operating systems," 
as you say, in the archive, and nobody has paid them any mind except the 
occasional complaint of bloat.  Even for this complaint, there are plans or 
at least discussions based around the creation of a 'data' section, where 
content-oriented packages are right at home.

If you are going to continue your crusade to remove non-software packages, do 
start paying attention to all of the wallpaper, fortune datafiles, sound 
data, periodical publication archives, and various other things that have 
been around for years.  These do all belong in their own archive, yes, but 
they should not simply be thrown out now.  Just because you don't think they 
are useful doesn't mean anything - obviously someone cared enough to package 
them, and that's good enough for Debian.

 - Keegan

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