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Re: Why are these packages in Debian?

> I don't understand why the packages anarchism, bible-kjv and
> bible-kjv-text (in section doc) are Debian packages. They are no
> technical documentation, they don't correspond (in my eyes) to open
> source's philosophy, they can be easily found on the WWW...

Because someone packaged them, and someone uses (installed)
them. Whether it is easy to find on the web, is irrelevant, as there
are still people who are not connected 24/7, and prefer to install a
package, and read it offline.

And having them in Debian means that I can just do an apt-get install,
instead of hunting through thousands of results on google.

Also, it is your opinion that they do not correspond to open source's
philosophy. Someone else might feel otherwise. (Following this
argument, I could say that fancy stuff like GNOME or KDE hurt the open
source community, because they don't force users to write and
contribute code - as would be the True Free Software Way. This
argument would be just as flawed as yours.)

That is why they're in.

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