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Re: will it run programs like ...

Robert Frank <rfrank@wsu.edu> writes:

>Frustrated with Windows 98 and Microsoft, I'm looking at moving to
>Linux.  I've been told that Debian is a good way to go, particularly
>for a Linux beginner. I'm hoping to use it on a home office computer,
>using applications such as Pagemaker, Photoshop, WordPerfect, Excel,
>Dreamweaver and a multitude of games.

WordPerfect - I believe there is a version for Linux
Photoshop - no, but the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) has
  similar capabilities
Excel - gnumeric may be close enough for your purposes.  StarOffice
  also has a spreadsheet that reads Excel files.
games - There are quite a few Linux hosted games, but probably not the
  ones you know. 
Pagemaker, Dreamweaver - not as far as I know

Aside from WordPerfect, the changeover shouldn't cost you much money.
However, you should expect to spend quite a bit of time.

	   - Jim Van Zandt

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