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Re: debian cd-image mirrors and US export restrictions

Am Mittwoch,  6. November 2002 04:13 schrieb Peter Palfrader:
> On Tue, 05 Nov 2002, Andrew Lau wrote:
> > On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 11:32:15PM +0100, Harald K. wrote:
> > > In contrast to the package servers, the debian cd image mirrors are
> > > not separated according to this circumstances. Also the ones located
> > > in the US are containing the non-us variant of the first iso
> > > image. I dont understand why the US exports regulations seems to
> > > have no influence on the distributing of the cd images, which
> > > contain US sensitive software packages.  If anyone has an idea on
> > > this topic, I would be gratefull for any remark.
> >
> > 	Since last year, the US export restrictions have been lifted
> Andrea, I think the OP's was asking why US mirrors offer the non-US ISO
> image for download.
> Harald, did I misunderstand you?
> 					yours,
> 					peter

Hi Peter,

no you didn't misunderstand me. 
Indeed, this was the question I hoped to get answered,
but the things Andrew told me, have also helped to solve the problem I had, 
but from another more backgrond point of view. But of course I would be glad, 
if someone could tell me, why some of the US based mirrors found on 
offer the non-US ISO image, thought they theoretically were not allowed to do 
so, at least before the law in the US was changed. So I wonder, if the debian 
project could be made responsible for refering to these mirrors.



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