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Re: debian cd-image mirrors and US export restrictions

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 11:32:15PM +0100, Harald K. wrote:
> The hundred of  mirrors containing the debian packages are clearly
> separated into those, which are located in the US, and those, which are
> not, because of the non-us tree, they are containing packages from. In
> contrast to the package servers, the debian cd image mirrors are not
> separated according to this circumstances. Also the ones located in the US
> are containing the non-us variant of the first iso image. I dont
> understand why the US exports regulations seems to have no influence on
> the distributing of the cd images, which contain US sensitive software
> packages. If anyone has an idea on this topic, I would be gratefull for
> any remark.

The regulations certainly still apply. We differentiate them with fairly
obvious difference in the file names: the first CD image that has non-US
stuff has "_NONUS" in the name, so it's easy to rsync --exclude="*_NONUS*"
when mirroring them.

Also, the debian/ vs. debian-non-US/ split much predates this special non-US
CD image, which was made in the modern times, when the export regulations
for non-US/main software are being lifted, so nobody wanted to do any
more effort to split these two.

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