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Re: why Ian Jackson won't discuss the "disputes" document draft with me

Manoj Srivastava writes ("Re: why Ian Jackson won't discuss the "disputes" document draft  with me"):
> 	I posit then that there is no indication that these are
>  anywhere close to the views of the techmnical committee, since there
>  has been absolutely no discussion of far less the contents, but even
>  the intent of creating such a document on the committee mailing list.

If you looked more closely, you'd see that the head article of this
whole discussion was posted to debian-ctte:

Indeed, I'm puzzled as to how you, Manoj, can claim that `there has
been absolutely no discussion of [...] the contents' on the ctte list,
when you yourself have discussed the contents there !  See:

Note my very first introductory paragraph:

  I've noticed, mainly due to getting closer to disputes due to greater
  tech-ctte activity, that some disputes are getting really quite
  dysfunctional.  So, I wrote the draft below.  Let me know what you
  think.  If people like it we can post it to d-d-a and I'll write it up
  for a web page, or we can put it in the developers' reference, or

> 	Can I too start writing up documents and claim that they ar4e
>  joint recommendations of the Technical committee?

You seem to have missed the word DRAFT which is plastered all over it.
As in, we're currently at the `what do people think of this document'
stage.  And, loud as you and Branden are, I'm still not convinced that
people dislike it.


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