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Re: why Ian Jackson won't discuss the "disputes" document draft with me


        If this is true, then the dispute resolution seems to have
 failed. In general, people writing a HOWTO have demonstrable
 expertise in the area of the howto, or they listen to and gather
 nuggets of wisdom from those who are competent.

	If the authors of the conflict resaolution document can't
 resolve conflicts with people who are trying to help create a better
 document; if the best they can come up with is that I won't listen to
 you, then I posit that such competence has nt been demonstrated
 (this is especially funny given the paternalistic  tone of the

	Incidentally, my concerns have not been addressed, as
 dismissed, in typical high handed fashion: for example:
  a) I objected to the  supercilious language used in the document;
     and the response was to say such language came with the
     territory.. I strongly disagree; one can write guidelines of
     conduct, and rules of discourse and etiquette without talking
     down to the reader; examples of this abound
  b) I objected to document being written apparently with the
     ratification of the *technical* committee, despite this not
     being a technical issue; and that too was dismissed with ``it is
     important to do so''; despite no other member of the committee
     ever having expressed any desire to expand the role of the
     committee beyond the initial charter.

	Indeed, in a project like Debian, a closed, old boys club
 inner core (the members of the committee invite other old boys to
 membership) should have restricted powers, to be exercised only as a
 matter of last resort, and not be expansive.

	However, despite these concerns, I do think a document like
 this would be good for the project; but not as it is written, and not
 necessarily dictated from on high.

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