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Re: "Bug of the month", or how to get people fixing bugs

Andres Salomon <dilinger@mp3revolution.net> writes:

> fixing bugs, to simply closing them in the BTS.  Sometimes, it's good to
> keep bugs open in the BTS (tagged w/ wontfix, documenting a problem that
> other people may bring up; or tagged w/ unreproducable, as another


Of course this shouldn't change the way we use the BTS. If people
misuse the BTS and close bugs which isn't really fixed or really
proved as non-bugs they shouldn't get credited for the close. We might
even let it have a negative impact on their status.

I think some kind of review of the bug-fixing would be needed. Some
system to let the maintainers rate the help they got:

  - Good fix - I only had to patch and rebuild the package

  - Important help - The bug wouldn't have been closed without the help

  - Nice try - The bug didn't actually get fixed but he tried a lot

  - Destructive help - This person shouldn't ever touch my packages again

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