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Re: "Bug of the month", or how to get people fixing bugs

[Please Cc: me since I am not subscribed, I hope mutt figures this out]

On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 03:45:18AM +0100, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> Here's the basic idea: turn bug-fixing into a game (a counterbalance
> to the huge quantities of time which moon-buggy and frozen-bubble have
> taken away from Debian development).

Please consider http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?BehavioralEffectOfMetrics.

Especially following section:

| As JimCoplien has been saying for years (repeating an old adage),
| "What gets measured gets done." Measure the Severity A bug reports?
| Nothing that doesn't actually kill a user will be higher than Severity
| B. How long are bug reports in the "open" state? They never will be;
| they'll skip directly from "created" to "closed" (or will be
| transitioned as soon as the system allows). Track how many lines of
| code a programmer writes? You'll see a lot of comments. Measure lines
| of non-commentary code? There are tricks to bloat that one, too; you
| may even encourage copy-and-paste.-( Measure how many bug reports a
| programmer does real work on? You'll see heavy concentration on
| trivial fixes, and an avoidance of doing anything complicated.

| I've always mistrusted software metrics. All too often, all they
| measure is how well people can manipulate them. (I hate having this
| attitude!  Improving software quality or software development without
| metrics is like loosing weight without ever getting on a scale. Not
| that getting on a broken scale will help a dieter any....)
| --PaulChisholm 

I can only support Andres Salomon, that very much care has to be
taken, to _not_ bias this game against current goals (quality and
users). Iff this can be archived, it could be quite fun ...

> If you have ideas for a better name, send them to
> asuffield-botm-name@debian.org.

"Hunt the Wumpbug"

Regards, David
Afrika kommt nach Europa. Das ist der Kontinentaldrift. Da kann man auch
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	-- Dieter Nuhr (www.nuhr.de) in der Wiener Remise, 2002-08-02

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