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looking for information

  Iam looking for  some documentation on the 
                                       Internal_functions_of gcc( )

    Iam trying to build a personal command shell from scratch. I have done it 
with dos 5.0 useing borlands turbo compiler useing an int2eh function  but 
cant seem to get it right with linux useing gcc. Would also like to run it 
with dosemu but thats anotherstory altogether. 
   I am running on an older version of debian with kernel 2.2.12 not sure if 
that makes any sense or not. I am not sure what version of gcc I have got so 
I will probably need to update that as well the man page says version 2.0. 
Anyway I believe if I had some complete documentation I could figure it out 
myself the documentation that I currently have is incomplete.  any help would 
be greatly appreciated places whare info tex or what ever is.
                   thank you 

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