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 My name is Tache Madalin and i'm an Senior founder of
the IRC Network iRC.DeltaNET.ro. DeltaNET.RO is an
poliglot network, and we would be glad to have you on
our network. I have read the problems that the network
irc.debian.org points to has. If you would like to join
our network with the channel we can offer you the
channel and FULL support that you will probably need.
We don't have so many users, but the network is still
growing. If anyone would like to to join it, i would
love to get an reply from this email. You can all
discuss this and have an decision. 

 Best Regards,
 Tache Madalin
 Founder @ iRC.DeltaNET.ro
 P.S: The main server (hub) runs Debian :p 

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