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Re: OPN, OFTC, WTF (Was: Debian Weekly News - ugust 20th, 2002)

Please CC replies.

Even as the globalnoticed solicitations for donations die out on OPN, I
think it can still safely be said that the original problem still exists.

Namely, lilo himself.

In short, part of this following log is his response to Joseph Carter's
message to debian-project.


s/openprojects/freenode if you wish, the url will also work.

My machine is going down shortly due to me having to move house, so you
may also access this same log from the mirror site here


Specifically, the globalnotices on the network, despite months of
complaints, has now only stopped because of the discussion on
debian-policy (does anyone here actually believe otherwise?) and despite
that fact lilo is still willing to belittle and demean the original
complaintants as "trolls" going so far as to draw a link between them
(conscientioius users of OPN-slash-freenode) and the current topic of
discussion, namely Joseph Carter's discussion of OPN in relation to
dancer-ircd and its penchance for breaking IRC clients and the
unwillingness of the head coder of this ircd to discuss these
incompatibilities in any civilized manner.

Thank you for your attention.

(Note: mail addressed to me will not reach me after Thursday afternoon. 
They will be queued at an alternate MX until I get back online.)

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