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Bug#157123: project: modify emacs policy


> Why should it be added to the load-path?

Because many emacs functions depend on emacs having access to the
.el files.  M-x find-function and M-x find-variable come to mind.  If
.el is not in the load-path, emacs will take you the the
nearly-unreadable .elc file when you M-x find-function. 

Also, most authors write documentation in the .el file---in fact, it
is an accepted standard to have a large ;;; Commentary section near
the beginning of the .el file--which people can read and learn about
the file and its usage.

Finally, people rely on being able to read the .el file to see how a
function is implemented.  Emacs is all about having access to the
source-code :) 

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