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Official CD vs. non-US


I hope that this is the correct place for me to be directing question(s) to
which I am hoping to find answers.  If not, I apologize in advance.  Also, I
think I searched over the web site sufficiently, but please forgive me if I
overlooked the answer(s) to my question(s).

First off, I am very new to Linux!  In other words, I encourage you to talk
"down" to me...=)  Basically, my experience amounts to playing around with a
Linux system while finding it necessary to reference a book for most
everything I did!

Now, on to my question(s)...

I am uncertain of the difference between the "Official CD" and "non-US"
versions of Debian.  It sounds to me like the "non-US" version contains some
sort of encryption software (perhaps like the PGP I use in Windows) that
cannot be exported out of the United States.  However, the name, "non-US,"
makes it sound as though this version is for use in countries other than the
United States, which would contradict my previous understanding.

Now, basically, I love encryption software.  As I understand it, it is
possible to encrypt everything on Linux other than the kernal, and that
prospect sounds absolutely wonderful!  Therefore, since I live in the United
States, if the "non-US" version supports superior encryption to the
"Official CD" version, then that is the one I'd want.  In other words, I
want whichever I can legally obtain that gives me the best encryption
security.  However, I would also like to understand the difference(s)
between the "Official CD" and the "non-US" versions.  Therefore, I would
very much appreciate it if one of these could be recommended to me, based on
what I said above.  And, also, I would appreciate it if both the reason for
the recommendation and the difference(s) between the two possibilities
("Official CD" and "non-US") could be explained to me.

Thank you very much in advance!


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