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Re: Official CD vs. non-US

On Sun, 2002-08-18 at 09:22, Mortimir wrote:
> I am uncertain of the difference between the "Official CD" and "non-US"
> versions of Debian.  It sounds to me like the "non-US" version contains some
> sort of encryption software (perhaps like the PGP I use in Windows) that
> cannot be exported out of the United States.  However, the name, "non-US,"
> makes it sound as though this version is for use in countries other than the
> United States, which would contradict my previous understanding.

You are correct, the non-US part contains packages with crypto and can
therefore not be exported FROM the US. It's legal to use in and outside
of the US, but you should get it from a non-US located server
(non-us.debian.org is in leiden, the netherlands).

Crypto has largely been incorperated into the main tree these day's, so
it's becoming a non-issue for crypto.

There may also be some patent-encumbered software in the non-us/non-free
trees, here you have to be careful since some of this software can not
be used legally in some countries (where said patents are valid) without
owning a patent license. (mp3/gif/jpeg, etc)

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