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Re: irc.debian.org

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 06:01:21PM -0500, Rob Levin wrote:

> It's not all Debian, by any means.  There are quite a few projects on OPN,
> now freenode.  I think the Debian project benefits from the cross-

There are also projects that you have booted off because you didn't like
their discussion.  I don't think that Debian needs to be somewhere where our
continued existance is threatened by either censorship or removal.

For examples, see:


While we're at it, the problem with the way Levin is running the network is:

a) he's using the "donation" idea for personal gain;

and b) an IRC network should not require donations to run in the first

> Maintaining a 7,000+ client IRC network as a 24/7, friendly, useful place to
> interact is not easy.  It takes coordination.  Finding time to coordinate
> such a project was much simpler during the Internet boom.  But the Internet

It could also be simpler if you'd delegate more tasks to any of the hundreds
of capable volunteers that have stepped up to help you over the years. 
However, you insist on doing so much yourself that you paint yourself into a
corner that is solely of your own making.  I told you this to you,
in person, over two years ago.

That fact is that the statement "Rob Levin is the only person in the world
capable of running OPN", which is the mantra you seem to live by, is
incorrect.  Rather than ask OPN users to pay your salary to run OPN,
delegate OPN management to the people that are willing to help and find a
regular job like everyone else.

While we're at it, the amount of netsplit and "re-hubbing" activity seems to
be at an atrocious level, probably exacerbated by the fact that you delink
servers for disagreements with you.

> I know it's not the usual approach.  The conventional wisdom is that IRC is
> supposed to be "free as in beer."  But we've put a lot of effort into

Indeed.  It has always worked that way, and continues to do so for everyone
except OPN.  OPN sticks out like a Sherman Tank on I-90.

> Anyway, as you talk this over, please bear in mind that nobody is trying to
> make money from the Debian project.  We're trying to keep a service running

Perhaps from the Debian users though?

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