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Re: irc.debian.org

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 06:01:21PM -0500, Rob Levin wrote:
> to raise funds you have to ask for them, and to ask for them you have to
> be heard.

Well, let me provide a counterexample.

Debian has some funds from the time of the dot-com boom. But basically don't
use the money - what we do is entirely donation based, and that means server
hardware and admin work time for about two dozen machines completely owned
by us, and the same for three hundred mirrors around the world, and of
course the stuff needed to actually make the distribution. And whatever else
we need -- it's all taken care of without ever soliciting for donations the
way OPN has been doing. (Some of the older developers might correct me for
pre-1998, which was before I joined, but I doubt it.)

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