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Re: Copying and distributing Debian

> 1.  If I wish to copy my Debian CDs which I purchased from Linux Mall may 
> they be distributed at the meeting ?

Of course. That's what free software is all about.

> 2.  May I charge a nominal amount ($5 - $10) to cover my costs of time and 
> materials for producing the CD ROMs ?

Of course. Nothing says you can't charge for media. You can charge
$1,000 if you want (doubt you'll get it).

> 3.  Someone raise the point that recently, users of "open source"/"Free 
> Software" have the reputation of being software pirates, and that this sort 
> of open exchange at public meetings might look bad or be counter productive 
> to the goals of the FSF, the GNU project, or the GPL.  Could you give your 
> opinion on this

What!?! Giving out this software and making copies for all your friends
is *the* benefit, and is strongly encouraged, even by the FSF. Make a
million copies, give them away for free or at charge. No one cares,
because the license specifically allows it, and is intended just for
that purpose.

Do you think Linux Mall paid for selling the CD's you bought from them?
Hell no! They copied the CD images that Debian made, pressed them, and
sold them. Think we care? Hell no. The more copies in use the better (of
course we always like getting money back from the community, but that's
not the point of all this).

If I were you, to get rid of this falacy about "pirating", make it a
point to introduce all your new users to the GPL, or better yet the
DFSG, and let them know what this is all about, and that what you are
doing is in the spirit of free software, not counter to it.

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