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Re: Copying and distributing Debian

On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 10:11:50PM -0400, Phil Beder wrote:
>    Hello,
>    I am involved with a Linux user group for Newbies in New York City.  We
>    are in the process of brainstorming ways to make the group more effective
>    and serving the needs of new users.  Someone had the idea of having the
>    several of the more popular distributions of GNU Linux available at
>    meetings.  Many thought this was a good idea however there seems to be
>    some concerns. 
>    1.  If I wish to copy my Debian CDs which I purchased from Linux Mall may
>    they be distributed at the meeting ?

Yes, anyone may redistirbute copies of Debian CDs as they wish.

>    2.  May I charge a nominal amount ($5 - $10) to cover my costs of time and
>    materials for producing the CD ROMs ?

Yes.  That is precisely the same as Linux Mall does.

>    3.  Someone raise the point that recently, users of *open source*/*Free
>    Software* have the reputation of being software pirates, and that this
>    sort of open exchange at public meetings might look bad or be counter
>    productive to the goals of the FSF, the GNU project, or the GPL.  Could
>    you give your opinion on this
If someone wants to give away soemthing absolutely free of charge, I
personally don't think that as piracy. I guess analogy is with community
service: if you choose to do something for free, it's not like
organisation you work for is exploiting you by not paying you any money.

See http://www.debian.org/CD/ for more information on Debian CD images.

I hope this helps.

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