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Copying and distributing Debian

I am involved with a Linux user group for Newbies in New York City.  We are in the process of brainstorming ways to make the group more effective and serving the needs of new users.  Someone had the idea of having the several of the more popular distributions of GNU Linux available at meetings.  Many thought this was a good idea however there seems to be some concerns. 
1.  If I wish to copy my Debian CDs which I purchased from Linux Mall may they be distributed at the meeting ?
2.  May I charge a nominal amount ($5 - $10) to cover my costs of time and materials for producing the CD ROMs ?
3.  Someone raise the point that recently, users of ?open source?/?Free Software? have the reputation of being software pirates, and that this sort of open exchange at public meetings might look bad or be counter productive to the goals of the FSF, the GNU project, or the GPL.  Could you give your opinion on this

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