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Re: Woody retrospective and Sarge introspective

> I think there're probably three things we want out of sarge's transition
> to stable:
> 	(3) Better communication and more transparency.

Something I suggested to Bdale a few months ago was a "release
secretary" to assist the RM.  Possible responsibilities:

* Communicating with major open source projects to determine
  their expected release timelines.  When will gcc 3.2 be
  available in beta, and as a release?

* Mapping out those schedules so that the RM (and the project as
  a whole) can make informed decisions about the Debian release

* Managing and making available (probably via a web site) a
  comprehensive list of release goals and the status of each

* Acting as a filter for release-related requests, to dispatch
  them to the proper person.

John R. Daily

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