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Re: Woody retrospective and Sarge introspective

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Martin Schulze wrote:

> > If I would have recived an answer from RM: "Sorry this problem is unimportant/
> > irrelevant/..." I could have set up an archive of those packages under
> > people.debian.org and write a bit of documentation for those small number
> > of people.  Not the best solution but would be completely appropriate
> > for all parties.
> There was a proposal to have an RM assistant to help the RM with such
> things.  Is somebody confident volunteering and would aj like to work
> together with that person?
In my opinion this would be a really sane solution for the cases I was
talking about.

> > I just looking for a solution for two items:
> >
> >    1. How to handle those silently removed packages?
> --> Release Notes
While I do not have enought knowledge about internals I guess such an
assistant would have less time to spend in getting the stuff in than
editing the release notes.

> >    2. How to ensure that we were not faced to those problems for
> >       further releases?
> An RMA may be helpful but doesn't imply that the problem won't exist
> in future releases.
For sure the problem will not just vanish but I think if we do not
change anything the workload will increase for further releases and
thus the number of unhappy maintainers and users will increase.

By the way: When I was at LinuxTag I've got the feeling that some
maintainers could be made really happy if there would some further
assistant to help maintaining Debian keyring.

Kind regards


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