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Re: Questions regarding Debians future

On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, David J. Heinrich wrote:

> Now that OpenOffice has been released, do you plan to include
> OpenOffice as part of your Debian package?

The folks on the debian-openoffice mailinglist are working on this.

> Also, I've recently taken an interest in the NSA's "SE Linux" and in
> RTLinux.  Do the Debian developers plan to include any features --
> particularly those from SE Linux -- in Debian?

Russell Coker is working on SE Linux with Debian. I don't know whether
he plans to make it part of the archive. See some of his postings to

>                                                     What I'm
> wondering about basically is how Debian is affected by the US'
> idiotic laws against encryption export, security, etc.

It is my understanding that those laws have been relaxed somehow in the
recent past. Debian now ships with cryptography in the main archive.

> As a side-note, does Debian come with WindowMaker?  I've noticed on
> your "packages list" several programs for WindowMaker, but haven't
> actually noticed WindowMaker itself?

Yes, it's called wmaker.


PS: Cced you because I don't know whether you are on the list.
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