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Suggested addition to Scientific software and question about "alien"

To whom it may concern:

As a biology student at the UOR, I've often used a phylogeny program
called MrBayes, by Prof. John Huelsenbeck & Prof. Fredrik Ronquist.
I suggest you add this program to your packages under Scientific.
Its probably one of the best phylogeny programs for getting a very
accurate phylogeny.  The source is available for the UNIX version of
it; however, that I can see, no license is explicitly stated.

I also have a general question about Alien. I've read that it -- for
example -- can convert LSB, RedHat, Stampede, and Slackware packages
to Debian packages.  Does this mean that I can convert any of those
foreign packages into Debian format and install the software?  I.e.,
could I install Nvidia's drivers through rpm's on Debian?

	David Heinrich
David J. Heinrich, heinrich@rochester.rr.com on 07/20/2002

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