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Re: Should I use Debian as a web server

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 17:17, Stuart Geiger wrote:
To whom it may concern:
I am currently running Redhat 7.2 on a computer, and am using it as a
web, ftp, mail, etc. server.  Note: I work for a non-profit
organization, and setting up a server for us has been something I have
done in my spare time.  Redhat has worked, not flawlessly, but it has
worked.  However, lately I have been interested in switching to Debian. 
My question is this:  Is Debian designed to be a server OS, or just a
workstation?  Is Debian designed to (smoothly) run my daemons, or not?
Should be no problem. Be sure you subscribe to the security
announcements mailing list (should rarely be more than one or two mails
per week), so you always are up to date.

Although usually the 'stable' distribution is recommended, especially
for server use, I'd say you should install woody, which will be released
on 2002-05-01, and thus is already very stable with only a few remaining
issues until release. Security support for woody (Debian 3.0) is already
working, just add security.debian.org in your /etc/apt/sources.list.

If you don't know Debian yet: The Debian installer is not as comfortable
as the RH one, but if you are already familiar with Linux, most things
should pose no difficulty (and - in contrast to the
install-all-you-might-use, the Debian installer lets you usually end up
with a system where you don't have to remove half of the installed pkgs
because you won't use them, and requiring you hand-tweaking the other
half of the packages so the system would work... :-). And, after all,
one does only install Debian once. Keeping up to date (including
upgrading to a new Debian version) is usually done with one or two
commands and should Just Work(tm).

And, all said and done, use support on the debian-user mailing list is
generally quite good.

Good luck
-- vbi

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